Reading Guide: August 2020 Issue

Hello and welcome, folks, to our first ever issue, of the Construction Dive Magazine. As you may know, this magazine is a venture of our main site We are releasing these magazines, completely free of cost, to help everyone related to the civil and construction engineering industry.

Reading Guide: August 2020 IssueAugust 2020 Issue

In our inaugural issue, we will talk about a major issue worrying the construction industry for ever. It is about earthquakes. We will try to cover that what, why, and the how’s of seismic activity and the ways to fight it.

Besides, we are starting two exciting new serieses for you - on Green Building and Construction Cost Estimation Sheets. Cherry on top, you get good instructions on how to create templates in AutoCAD and how to make salt-finish concrete. Also, we have some ideas on increasing the durability of brick masonry.

The following is the complete reading guide for the May 2020 issue of Construction Dive.

Cover Story

Methods of damp proofing for foundation

Preventing dampness concrete is essential to shield the surface from extreme moisture. At the point when water saturated concrete, the concrete extends and agrees because of patterns of freezing and defrosting. Breaks and openings may shape accordingly. Waterproofing will help ensure against this issue.


Have you at any point seen a Green Goddess? All things considered, such a suitable inquiry to pose in the persevering circumstance, correct? At that point you got it wrong. I was discussing green buildings. So prepared to participate in this extraordinary form?

Tips & Tricks

How to fix honeycomb in concrete structure Properly

Honeycomb repair is a specialty of work that must be finished with much consideration and with specialized help. We should talk about how it may very well be finished.

Solar Roadway

Hi folks we are back with another article. This article is about new advancement in street transportation.


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Regular Articles

Basics of Cement Concrete for beginners

Numerous individuals imagine that cement and concrete are a similar item ? they are definitely not. Cement is a dry powdered synthetic that, when blended in with water, gradually responds to shape another hard, strong compound.


Types of Dams

A dam is a pressure driven structure of genuinely impenetrable material worked over a river to make a reservoir on its upstream side for seizing water for different purposes.

Details of Benchmark Shifting in Land Surveying

The term benchmark, or bench mark, starts from the etched even marks that assessors made in stone structures, into which a point iron could be set to frame a "bench" for a leveling bar, in this way guaranteeing a leveling pole could be precisely repositioned in a similar spot later on.