Construction Cost Estimating Sheets Series

Episode 1:  Introduction

You need a template that is easy-to-use to put together an accurate estimate. Things such as database price updating, charts, and other tools software can offer are important, but the initial basic estimate sheet doesn’t require complex software.

Going over budget on a construction project can immediately wipe out your profits and put you in the red. Though inflation can creep in at any stage of a project, inaccurate estimates at the beginning will act like wedges continuously expanding a project’s budget through its life cycle.

So, it’s critical that you get estimates right at the beginning to avoid problems later. To create professional cost estimates, you can use construction management software with cost estimation functions.

But sometimes, all you need is a simple document that gives your clients and team a clear snapshot of your project. Fortunately, there are plenty of free construction estimate templates available online.

Cost Estimating Sheets SeriesCost Estimating Sheets Series

How to use a construction cost estimation sheet

Once you’ve chosen from the template options below, take a look at the following step-by-step list for coming up with a good estimate using a method called unit costing:

  • Compile all the line items (assemblies) for the job

  • Attach a unit cost to each line item

  • Total your numbers and have them checked by a qualified second party

  • Apply your standard markup to get a final price

Use the Microsoft Excel based Home Construction Cost Estimate Forms to accumulate the information on your home.

Prepare valuation cost estimates for residential construction adjusted for your city, type, class and style of construction. Add more style, type, additional and upgrade descriptions of your own.

Beware of potential pitfalls before you begin, however, such as failing to read all relevant project documents or forgetting to input an expense. Check and recheck your work.

With those caveats out of the way, which templates will help you handle the basic tasks of coming up with an estimate? We’ve reviewed a number of free templates and chosen the following eight options that can meet a variety of construction estimating needs.

Construction costs are multi-faceted and calculating accurate outgoings for a construction project is key to keeping the construction costs from blowing out to stratospheric proportions. Whether you are budgeting for a private construction project or a commercial construction project a Construction Budget Template is a simple way to start your project off on the right foot.

To determine an accurate building materials cost estimate, the estimator should take into consideration various factors.

An organized and systematic estimation not only helps in tracking the expenses but also aids in smooth execution of the building project.

Different building components like roof, wall, floor, items required like rebar, stud, paint,  materials such as steel, pine, vinyl, the size and description of the items along with its estimated quantity and unit cost are all considered while creating a precise building materials cost estimate.

In case of any king of modification or alteration, it is easy for the estimator to make changes and see if the material and quantity involved in the changes makes any major impact on the overall construction cost.

In the following articles, we will start providing free construction cost estimating sheets. You can download them off our site absolutely without any price. See you in the next issue!

  Next Episode We will present a construction work estimate template in our next episode of this series. We will also tell you how to download it absolutely for free. Keep reading!